My Bad Writing / Mar 01 2020
Created 2020-03-01 Modifyed 2020-03-01

357 Words

Sheila walked out from the woods towards a small farming village, while thinking about what just happened. One minute she was on the university campus walking in the woods and the next she was transported to what seemed like a different time. As she approached the village she became more and more aware of the old architecture of the buildings and started to make out the clothing people wore. It was very obvious that she would stand out in this crowd. She started to think of answers to the questions she was likely to be asked, but then it hit her the language they would have spoken at this time was not the same as the one that was spoken today. Panic started to set in as she realized that she was stuck in an unfamiliar land where she didn’t speak the language and had no way home. Now at the edge of town, she was frozen in fear just standing on the side of the road. When a townsman walks up and asked if she was okay. Shocked that she was able to understand enough of this man’s words to know what he was asking. She responded with a knode as she wasn’t sure of the wrods. Now more confused then ever, her mind raced to understand why she could understand him even if it was only a little. The man was still standing there wondering what this oddly dressed woman was doing standing at the edge of town. He proceeded to ask her about her clothing, though she wasn’t quite able to understand the question. The man noticed the confused look on her face and pull at his shirt while asking again. Thinking maybe she was just slow. Without thinking she blurted out “I don’t understand”. The man now understood she was a traveler and tried to invite her into town. He started to walk and motioned to her to follow. He was able to set her up with a room for the night and she would end up staying in the town for a bit while she learned the language enough to get around.