My Bad Writing / Feb 10 2020
Created 2020-02-10 Modifyed 2020-02-10

307 Words

Dolly and Sophia have been best friends for almost their whole lifes, but Sophia wants something Dolly can’t give her. She want’s a relationship and Dolly doesn’t want to risk the long lasting friendship for it. They have now been fighting about this for weeks and Dolly has had enough and just wants to move on and get things back to normal. Sophia wants to move forward and is ready to lose it all for who she sees as the love of her life and best friend. She has invited Dolly up to the abandoned quarie a place they found many years ago. It’s been abandoned so long that it’s starting to turn into a lake with trees and bushes growing all around, even the wild life is starting to call it home again. Sophia and Dolly are sitting in silence on a log overlooking the quire in a heated conversation about life. Dolly keeps telling Sophia that it wont work and she wants to just stay friends but Sophia refuses to budge on and keeps pushing Dolly. It is clear that neither will budge so Dolly decides the only way to move forward is to end it. She shoves Sophia and yells “this is it I’m done, I never want to see you again” and runs away. Sophia breaks down in tears and drops to here knees with one hand reached out yells back “NOO I don’t want to go on without you”. Dolly continues to run away not looking back. Tears streaming down her face knowing she just lost her best friend.