My Bad Writing / Feb 11 2020
Created 2020-02-11 Modifyed 2020-02-11

400 Words

Maud was visiting an old friend that moved to Manchester a couple years ago. She had always wanted to travel and her friend moving gave her the motivation to start her travels. She spent the past two years saving money and down sizing for her world wind trip around the world. She has planned to spend the next five years traveling around Europe then to the orient, North America, South America, and a stop off back in Manchester before heading home to Germany. On her first night out with her friend though she met Fred and they just kind of clicked. They spent the whole night just chatting about all the different places they wanted to go see and the things they wanted to do there. It was long into the night and the establishment was closing up so they went their separate ways. When Maud finally made it back to her friends place she attempted to sneak in undetected as to not wake anyone but most of the house was already getting out of bed to head to work. Her friend stopped her to ask about the guy she met and all the details. When the topic of her trip and getting in contact with him is brought up Maud realizes she didn’t get Freds number. What’s worse is they didn’t make plans to meet up again and she doesn’t know where he lives or any way to get in touch with him. Her friend tells her to just go back to the place they met and he would likely show up. Maud makes a plan to go back around the same time for the next two days and if he doesn’t show give up on it. Fred though is going to be out of town for the next month for work. It’s now been a mont since that first night and Maud is going to be heading out on the next leg of her journey. She’s at the airport when she is tapped on the shoulder by Fred. He tells her he was hoping to see her before she left so they could keep in touch well she traveled. After all this they finally swap numbers as she runs to make her flight.