My Bad Writing / Feb 12 2020
Created 2020-02-12 Modifyed 2020-02-12

291 Words

It was a bright sunny day in Plymouth, the kind of day that you would want to spend picnicking with friends. Shane and Dick were out in a beautiful field on this beautiful day. Though they had some trouble enjoying it with all the gunfire and bombs going off around them. You see Plymouth was under attack and they have both been drafted to help push back the invaders. They have been standing there ground now for 3 days at complete stand still. Thousands of good people have been dying every day in this war. It’s getting so bad you can’t even walk across the field without stepping on a body. Shane looked over to dick and said “If we make it through today you will be promoted and we will be equals again”. You see Shane came from a wealthy family and went to a good school so when the draft hit he was pushed up the ranks a bit faster than normal.

Dick was having trouble concentrating with all the thoughts rushing through his head of all the friends he recently lost. Some he had known all his life and others like Shane he had only known for the short time they have been drafted for. Dick snaps to as Shane slaps him hard across the face “Hey daydreamer you looking to get shot”. He could barely hear Shane over all the noise. Dick turns his head to look at Shane and says “Do you hear that lovely whistle or is it just me” as they are both hit by a bomb.