My Bad Writing / Feb 13 2020
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Lucie was a good looking young woman from a very poor family in China. She grew up in a small farming village in a very royal area. Her family was still considered poor by the standards of that town. Her father had a drinking problem and spent the little money he had on booze at the local bar. Her mom did her best to make sure she had some food and did odd jobs to put food on the table, this though never went over well with her father as he felt emasculated by it. With the passing of time it became clear to her friends and the towns folks that she was going to grow into a beautiful woman. She would need to get away from her father if she ever wanted a real life. He had already made comments about the money he could get from selling her. Her mother and her saved up some money and ran away, though the money they saved didn’t last long they got out and away from that horrible man. Lucie was approached one day by a man and asked if she was interested in doing modeling work, never one to pass up an opportunity she asked lots of questions and agreed. The modeling was fun and paid the bills, but with her photos now being shared around her father found them. Lucie and her mom got word about it and decided they needed to leave China so he couldn’t follow them. Out of desperation Lucie reached out to someone to smuggle them out. Meanwhile in America Charles was browsing a dating site when he came across Lucie’s profile. Charels thought she was cute and liked her bio so he reached out to her not thinking he would get a response. He spent the next few weeks talking with Lucie constantly and they felt it was time to meet in person. Charles purchased a plane ticket for her and offered to put her up well she was visiting. Now with everything arranged it was the big day. He was so nervous holding the sign waiting for her at the airport. When he spotted her he was amazed that she was more beautiful in person than in the photos. He approached her and introduced himself. She looked at him and in very broken English introduced herself. They then got in his car and drove back to his place. He set her up in his spare room and went to cook up dinner for them. When they sat down to dinner it became very obvious that something was amiss. Lucie seemed to have no English skills verbal or written. Charles started to wonder what was going on. Meanwhile Lucie was thinking how nice he was to put her up until she could find work and bring her mom over. The smuggler had told them both vastly different stories. Lucie was told she was being set up with a person that helps people get on their feet and tricked Charles into thinking he was chatting with Lucie. The next day Charels found a translator and they unwrapped the web of lies the smuggler had told. It had now been almost a month and they had grown rather close in this time, so charles proposed so she could stay in the country. The plan was just to help her get settled in and her mom moved over, but they ended up falling in love and have been together ever since.