My Bad Writing / Feb 14 2020
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Lara was a rather proper lady who worked at a bank. She was of average height with long black hair, and wore office wear every day. This normally consisted of a knee length pencil skirt and a blouse with stockings. She was brought up in a rather disorganized house and wanted to get as far away from that kind of life as possible. This had the sidafex of making her seem cold and reserved which turned people away, because of that she became a very wary person. Always trying to figure out what people wanted from her, afraid to open up to anyone. Forrest Walton on the other hand was a blogger that didn’t much like spending time with people and chose to spend it with his plants instead. He was a tall slender man with long black hair and he normally wore a t-shirt with track pants. The few friends he did have called him Walton and he didn’t see them all that often. Walton was a bit of recluse and rather emotionally remote, he wasn’t bothered by this as he didn’t want more friends and was happy the way he was. One night they met at a flower shop and instantly hated one another. She was way to proper for him and she wanted to make friends. What a horrible idea, Walton couldn’t think of anything worse than wanting to talk to people. She couldn’t stand his laid back attitude about everything. Life though had very different idea for them. They started to see one another everywhere they went. Walton was starting to get rather irritated at this and approached Lara, asking if she was stalking him. She scoffed at the idea of it, looking him square in the eyes and saying “why would I stock trash like you? Maybe you are stalking me”. The simple idea owas so absurd to Walton he couldn’t hold back his laughter. And even had some tears forming in the corners of his eyes. Lara was moved by his laughter and dropped her guard for a moment. When Walten got a glimpse of the softer side he started changing his mind about her, thinking to himself “maybe if I get to know her things will change ‘'. She was a rather striking young lady. Walton was able to stop the laughter and look at her properly. He proceeded to do the unthinkable and asked if she wanted to go for dinner. She was rather taken aback by thought what the heck maybe we could learn to get along. That was the start of a long and beautiful friendship that would change both parties for the better.