My Bad Writing / Feb 15 2020
Created 2020-02-15 Modifyed 2020-02-15

521 Words

In the small town of Nerton there lived a rather reckless sorceress named Claire. She was routinely playing with explosive magic and has trouble keeping it under control. One time she almost took out a field of sheep when her spell misfired and exploded right next to them. The townsfolk have asked the ruler of the kingdom to have her moved to a place she won’t be able to hurt anyone, like the middle of the woods. It doesn’t help that her assistant Blossom is a pickpocket and has been caught using spells to lift money from people’s purses. With the two of them around the town has started to get a reputation of one that should be avoided. With all this you may ask why the ruler has not done anything about them, and the answer is he can’t. They are the only two people that can fight off the monsters that periodically attempt to invalid the kingdom and Nerton is on the border to the monsters. This puts him in a very awkward position, because they cause so much damage but do so much good at the same time.

Today just happens to be one of the days in which the monsters are attempting an invitation. Claire is currently turning most of them into sheep and cows while Blossom is using a number of magical swords to fight back the ones still left. This is all rather routine for the with the exception of Claire’s lack of explosive magic. She just didn’t feel it when they started the battle. The townsfolk are normally very grateful when this happens, so they may be getting a party later today. Claire and Blossom are about done with the battle when a fireball goes whipping past Claire’s head. Signing the tips on her right side. The monsters they normally fight don’t have this kind of power. Claire’s mind starts to race trying to think of who or what could generate this kind of attack. She can’t think of anything so she switches to explosive magic and makes short work of the remaining monsters, and races towards the source of the attack. The attacker couldn’t have gotten far and Claire is incredibly fast. She comes across a small girl in the middle of a field, hooded and carrying a staff. Claire recognizes it as a part of the long-dead dark lord. She races towards the girl snatching it away from her. This girl is being possessed by the dark lord and may not recover. Without the staff in hand the girl crumbles to the ground and passes out. Claire takes her back to town where she is looked after and makes a full recovery only to be enlisted as Blossom’s apprentice. This girl also seems to have magic powers.