My Bad Writing / Feb 16 2020
Created 2020-02-17 Modifyed 2020-02-17

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Rita was not a well like empress as she burnt bridges with everyone she ever met. If it wasn’t her holier then thou attitude towards everyone it was all the backstabbing, lying, and cheating she did. She was so unpopular her father had started looking for ways to get rid of her so his subjects wouldn’t revolt against the kingdom. he had spent the better part of the past ten years trying to find a person to marry her off to without any luck. One day on his travels home from yet another failed meeting about a marriage his carriage was attacked by a group of bloodthirsty ogres. Luckily for the king Klekog the chatty was walking in the area and hired the battle. He was able to rush in and slay the crazed ogres. In repayment the king offered Rita’s hand in marriage and lucky for the kingdom Klekog accepted it as a reword. When the king got home he put on a massive celebration and started planning the wedding right away. The date was set for 3 nights from now. Rita and Kelkog were married and lived happily annoying one another far away from the kingdom.