My Bad Writing / Feb 17 2020
Created 2020-02-17 Modifyed 2020-02-17

285 Words

It was a cold rainy night and Jamie just got off work. Not wanting to go home as it reminded her of all the bad that had recently happened. The love of her life was recently shot and killed in a burglary gone wrong. She has been unable to go home ever since that night and has been staying at friends and hotels. So today she went to a local bar to kill some time and drown her sorrows at the bottom of a glass. As she sat down Mirabelle asked her “what’s your poison?” Jamie responded asking “two fingers of your cheapest whiskey please”. Mirabelle poured the glass and handed it to Jamie. Jamie picked it up shot it and slammed the glass down on the bar asking for another. Mirabelle asked well pouring the second glass “what are you trying to forget?". Jamie tells her the story with tears running down her face. Mirabelle tells her about a grief group that meets up just down the street and offers to take her to the next one if she feels up to it. Jamie agrees and they swap numbers. It’s now been just over a week when Mirabelle calls up Jamie about the meeting. Jamie meets her at the bar and they head over together. The building seems almost condemned and Jamie starts freaking out on the inside. They walk in and head down a narrow corridor to an open room with about ten people sitting in a cercal talking. Jamie pulls up a chair and introduces herself, she knows that this is the first of many steps on the road to healing. Jamie and Mirabelle stay friends for the rest of there lives.