My Bad Writing / Feb 18 2020
Created 2020-02-18 Modifyed 2020-02-18

315 Words

One day the chief of a food truck was walking through the parking lot when she stumbled upon an abandoned suitcase. She walked over to it to get a closer look. It was a rather expensive looking suitcase. There was no name on it and she hadn’t seen anyone in the area so she picked it up and finished walking to her car. She waited about an hour to see if anyone would show up looking for it. When no one showed she started to head out of the parking lot when a car pulled in. The guy driving jumped out and appeared to be frantically looking for something. It was rather obvious that the suitcase belonged to him. She stopped her car got out and called the guy over. She asked what he was looking for then asked him to describe the suitcase. Once he was able to do that she handed it over and introduced herself as Jillian, the man introduced himself as Malcolm. He was so grateful of her finding it he invited her over to his place for a dinner so he could give her a proper reward. She didn’t feel a reward was needed for doing the right thing so she turned him down saying “there is no need for all that”. Malcolm insisted that he needed to reward her kindness. After Jillian turned him down again she turned and walked back to her car to head home. Malcolm still wanted to reward her somehow so at his next party he hired her food truck to cater it. She agreed not knowing it was him. Her food was a hit and she was well received by the party-goers. They all wanted her to cater a party for them as well. Malcolm was happy with the reward he was able to give her and she didn’t know it was a reward.