My Bad Writing / Feb 19 2020
Created 2020-02-19 Modifyed 2020-02-19

188 Words

In the bustling city of Ayans they had guilds to train in just about any trade. Our two heroes are training in the warriors and black magic guilds. Belinda is training to become a warrior and Ebenezer is training to be a necromancer. Neither of them are doing very well though. Belinda is causing problems in her groups because shes just so selfish and refuses to share things like positions with her team, and Ebenezer won’t put his books down and cast spells. They have both been informed that if they don’t do well in the next trails they will be kicked out. Unforchently no one will group with them anymore so their only option is one another. Belinda and Ebenezer step up to test together, with the class looking onward waiting for the cause to start. The teacher hurled a fireball at Belinda and rather than using her shield to block it steps to the side letting it hit the currently reading Ebenezer. The teacher stops the exam and fails both students on the spot. They are sent back to the guilds to pack up and leave.