My Bad Writing / Feb 21 2020
Created 2020-02-22 Modifyed 2020-02-22

257 Words

Hunter was wrapping up his day out in the woods so he went to wash up a bit in the nearby river. When he got there he saw Lillian bathing in the waters. Hunter knew that if she was here he was about to be in trouble with her body gaurds. They where always close by and sneaking a peek at the queen while bathing likely wouldn’t end well for poor Hunter. He turned to sneak away as quietly as possible, in hopes he wouldn’t be hurd. A strong gust of wind came blowing over him in the direction of the river. He hoped that it wasn’t enough to be noticed as he had been out in the woods for a week now and was starting to smell a bit off. It wasn’t long before he over heard a guard ask about the rancid smell. Hunter started to panic as he was still rather close to there current location. He quickened his pace a bit to put more distance between him and the guards at the cost of a bit more noise. One of the guards could be heard rushing in Hunter’s direction to check things out. It was at this point that he noticed a deer that had been killed earlier that week close by. He threw a rock in the direction of it well moving away as fast as possible without making to much noise. Lucky for Hunter the guard found the deer and not him. He got away and lived to see another day.