My Bad Writing / Feb 23 2020
Created 2020-02-23 Modifyed 2020-02-23

618 Words

Tristan climbed out his window and rushed to get Isolde. They ran out into the woods to get away from her husband who had recently found out about there afere. While running through the woods the constellations started to shift at a rapid rate. They stopped and stared up at the sky wonder if a curse had been put on them. When the stars settled down they noticed an odd glow coming from the tree line. It felt almost like a mini sun was piercing the trees. Tristan cautiously walked over to investigate what was going on, as he got closer he heard load un-failure noises. With every step closer to the tree line Tristan’s heartbeat increased, he was nervous and scared but had to know what was going on. When he arrived at the tree line after what felt like an eternity there were armored clad chariots rushing past with no horse, people walking around in odd clothing talking into there hands, and some to them selfs all while basking in the brightest lamps he had ever seen. With all the people about it had to be a festivel why else would so many people be out at this hour. he ran back to Isolde and told her what was beyond the trees. They felt it was safer to blend into the party then deal with the king’s men so they walked out into the street and were lost into the sea of people. They spent the next week living homeless in the city until Isolde started to show signs of being with child. Tristan now had a very real reason to get them off the street and started talking more with the people of this land. He found that there was no king and he would need to get a job. Luckily for him someone he spoke with needed some help in construction and he was able-bodied. Now that he had work it was time to find a place to stay. His new boss took pity on them and put them up in his laneway house. They have now been living in the laneway for a number of years with there little girl Sheila. Tristan is still working for his landlord and they have become rather close, so close that he shared the story of how they came to be here with him. he was even Sheila’s godfather. Then one night without warning while they slept the stars started to shift and when they stopped Tristan and Isolde were asleep in the woods as if nothing had ever happened. The next morning they were found sleeping next to one another with a sword between them. Once awoken and dragged back to the king it was obvious they would likely never see Sheila again. Meanwhile back at the laneway Tristan’s boss was sick of waiting and barged into the house to hurry him up. it was not normal for Tristan to be late. What was even weirder was that nothing seemed out of place and their belongings were still there. Sheila was awoken by the commotion and wondered out looking for her mom and dad but not finding them. Her godfather ended up taking care of her until she went off to university. One day while at university she was walking on a trail in the woods when she started to feel a bit disoriented. When she opened her eyes the trail had vanished and the woods seemed diffrent. She headed back to her campus only to find an old farming town in its stead and that’s when it hit her the stories of her parents where true. That started her search for her mom and dad.