My Bad Writing / Feb 24 2020
Created 2020-02-24 Modifyed 2020-02-24

349 Words

it was just like any other day when the call came in about this new streaming platform named Valice that recently popped up on their radar. This site was a streaming platform that would allow you to stream anything without getting banned or blocked. It quickly became a haven for people streaming illegal activities on it. Governments all around the world have been trying to track down as many of the streamers as possible though that has been proving to be rather difficult. The creators based the protocol on TOR and the streamers data bounces all over the place before arriving at its destination. It doesn’t help that the streamer’s traffic rotates it’s nodes constantly. With all the new people flocking to the site and onto TOR more and more nodes have been popping up. making it harder for governments to disclose users. So far the most effective way has been social engineering and picking up on the little details like mannerisms, speech patterns, and windows. They have been collectively working on one stream specifically because they have been streaming murder. This has been going on for months and the victims have been from all around the world. Someone would go missing and end up on the stream. The background has no windows it just seems to fade off into black, and the person never speaks. This has been making it especially difficult to find the streamer. Fast forward a month still with no leads one of the detectives finally gets a break in the case. He notices something out of place for a second when the stream cuts out. The killer takes off his mask with his back to the camera. He must have forgotten that the kill table was flipped on its side and acted as a mirror. The detective now had an image of the killer’s face. It wasn’t more than 24 hours later that they had him behind bars and he ratted out the team that built the site. Now with everyone behind bars and the site shut down life was getting back to normal.