My Bad Writing / Feb 25 2020
Created 2020-02-25 Modifyed 2020-02-25

321 Words

It was mid-spring and Whitney felt the need to do a deep clean of her apartment. This meant going through the closet and throwing out clothing she no longer wore. While in the deep parts of the closet she noticed a small panel. It was painted the same color as the walls and would be easy to miss. It looked as if she could push it open if she so wanted to. There was still a lot of cleaning to do and she was running out of time to get it all done in, so she put her curiosity aside for now and kept cleaning. A week went by and she had all but forgotten about the door until one night she was awoken by chanting. She got up thinking it was her neighbors. Though that would have been odd music for them. They normally listened to top forties songs and never this late. She tracked it down to the door in the closet. Now unable to sleep and nothing better to do, she took a deep breath and pushed the door open to find herself at the edge of a tree line overlooking a small town. She wanted to know more, so she crawled through the door and preceded to walk down the hill towards the town. It was only when she finally made it to the town that she noticed it was mid-day and the chanting stopped when she opened the door. Now in the bustling town, she was ready to explore and take in all this new world had to offer. Whitney ended up staying in this town for several years before she was able to find the door home. When she crawled back through the door she found that one hour in her homeworld was one year in the new one. She would go on to live her life bouncing back and forth between the two worlds.