My Bad Writing / Feb 26 2020
Created 2020-02-26 Modifyed 2020-02-26

447 Words

It was a dark night and Raymond was walking home from the bar just a little bit drunk. His friends threw him a party to celebrate landing his first job at the local hospital as a doctor. Raymond had always dreamed of helping people and he couldn’t think of a better way. So when he was attacked by a vampire and turned into one, he thought it was going to be the end of his dreams. He couldn’t imagine attacking people for blood and what if he needed to treat someone in the day time. This was going to be a problem and he knew it. His first step was going to be finding a way to feed without hurting people. This could be done with pig’s blood or at least that was what Raymond thought. Though he would soon find out it needed to be fresh human or the cravings just wouldn’t go away for long. It started to look like blood banks would be the only way. he would sneak in and take a couple of bags every couple of days. This would suppress the urge to feed on his pationts. It’s been going rather well for the past two weeks. Raymond really thought things could keep going on this way and no one would find out. Then one day he gets a new patient in with the last name VanHelsing. Raymond takes a deep breath and walks into the room where Baily VanHelsing is waiting. Raymond sits down and does his best to act normal about all of this. He starts to ask what brings her in today. She looks him in the eyes and says “you look a bit pale, are you sure you should be here?". His head starts to race with thought that she knows and at any moment he’ll be dead. He responds back to her nervously “I’m doing okay, I just don’t get out much”. She doesn’t look convinced but seems to have dropped it. Bailey tells him about the shoulder pains she has been having and Raymond advises her to get x-rays done. That night when walking home he bumps into Baily. She doesn’t look friendly thought and has a machete in one hand. Raymond knows he is not long for this world and gets on his knees to make things as painless as possible. Baily walks over machete at the ready and asks what he was doing. He explains that he would rather she finish him quickly if possible, and at this point, she gets a gut feeling Raymond would never hurt someone. Baily puts her machete away and walks past Raymond never to see him again.