My Bad Writing / Feb 27 2020
Created 2020-02-28 Modifyed 2020-02-28

407 Words

Hazel was deep in the woods by an ancient tree waiting to meet with a thief, she had recently hired to steal a scroll from a wealthy merchent. This scroll was said to contain a prophecy. To date, no one has been able to read it thought. The scroll was enchanted long ago by a very powerful enchantress and no one has had the power to lift it. The thief was right on time with the scroll. Hazel paid him and unrolled it, as she attempted to read it the letters would shift and morph between several languages. hazel had enough of trying to read it and wanted to lift the enchantment. She prepared a spell and started to cast it on the scroll. When her arm started to hurt. It felt like someone was trying to rip it off slowly. Heather did her best to push through the pain and finish the spell, as she uttered the final words with tears running down her face and barely able to sand. Her arm fell off. When she was finally able to move again, she looked into a mirror it looked like someone ripped her arm off. The cloth was ripped and torn close to her shoulder and her arm didn’t look like it was cut clean off but rather like it was ripped. She was okay with the sacrifice if it meant she could read the scoll. Heather was in luck and she had lifted the enchantment from the scroll. This meant she could go home and redeem herself. Spend time with her family, she has not been able to see in three years. The king had exiled her until she was able to bring the scroll back disenchanted or die witch ever came first. This was all because she slipped up and hurt the princess well teaching her enchantments. The spell backfired and left the princess permanently scard. Now with the scroll in hand, Heather rushed to the king for her pardoning and he was true to his word. She was welcomed back and was able to see her family again. Unforchenetly they had died not long after the insident. The town folk had burned them alive while they slept as payment for Heather crimes. She was so upset by this news she walked into the middle of the town and burned it to the ground taking her own life and the prophecy in the process.