My Bad Writing / Feb 28 2020
Created 2020-02-29 Modifyed 2020-02-29

153 Words

Pieres was writing like any other night when he fell asleep on his book and started having dreams as if he was an unimportant side charaecter. he woke up in a city he didn’t recognize even in his own stories. He found this rather disorienting, and it took him several hours to figure it out. It really wasn’t until a famous person and place were matched that he put two and two together. When it finally hit him that he was dreaming he ventured outside to fight some creatures and level up a bit. Though once he got hit he started to rethink the idea of leveling. It hurt and he felt that if he was really dreaming he wouldn’t feel any pain. With this shocking revelation, he vowed to never leave town again at least until he woke up. Which never did happen, and he made his money selling information on monsters.