My Bad Writing / Feb 29 2020
Created 2020-03-01 Modifyed 2020-03-01

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One morning while Sheila was still asleep she was awakened to rustling in the house. Her godfather Shane had let himself in while looking for her farther Tristan. he was late for work and Shane was concerned as he was always early. Tristan though was nowhere to be found in the house neither was her mother Isolde. Shane was starting to get even more worried. While he was still worried something had to be done about Sheila. She would need someone to look after her for the day. Shane got her packed up, left a note, and dropped her off at the daycare. He had not heard back from Tristan all day so he went and picked up Sheila from the daycare. He was now starting to get really worried about them. This didn’t make any sense as they loved there daughter and would never leave her. Shane continued to hold hope that he would hear from them, but after three days he started to lose hope and get ready to take on the role of full-time guardian. Sheila had always been very inquisitive and curious about the world. So the topic of her parents came up a lot in the beginning. Shane didn’t want her to think they just ran off and left her so he retold the stories that Tristan had told him. Once Sheila got a bit older though she stopped believing that her parents had been transported back in time to the area they had come from. Shane wanted to make sure if the stories were true and somehow Sheila ended up going back in time, she would be prepared. So he put her in swordplay classes, taught her to hunt with a bow and arrow, and sent her to survival classes. Once she graduated high school she took off to university where she would never have to go hunting, do swordplay, or take survival classes again. It wasn’t long though until she travelled back in time while walking in the woods. It was at this time she realised her parents didn’t run away and leave her. They had no choice in the matter, and now she wanted to see them again.