My Bad Writing / Mar 02 2020
Created 2020-03-02 Modifyed 2020-03-02

235 Words

Sheila had just spent a couple of months working in a small farming town as a waitress at the local pub to learn the language better. While working at the pub she was able to talk to a lot of people and put together details as to where she should start looking for her father Tristan. he was currently sailing the world in exile and he was last seen docked southeast of the town she was currently in. Once she felt she hand a decent enough handle on the local language she would head to the port city. It was to be a long truck to the city maybe a week or so on foot. It would take her through the woods, over a small mountain, and wasn’t regarded as safe without an escort. She had made some friends and became rather close to one of them. His name was Orson and he was a traveling merchant heading that way. She pleaded with him to take her, but he would refuse. She didn’t have the money for the trip and brining her would add a none insufficient cost to Orson’s travel and when dealing with small margins he just couldn’t afford it. One night after saving a good portion of her money up It was time to ask again. This time he said yes. She packed up and the next day they headed out together.